Sunday, March 25, 2007

A New Beginning

Here is a silly illustration I drew while waiting for my pre-employment drug test. That is me as a lego person.
There may be some surprise this week as my students discover I have moved on to work in the field of our study. After more than 3 years with the art center design college, I will be doing graphics for KGUN9 the ABC affiliate here in Tucson. I would have liked to have told my students in person but that is against the art center's policies.

While I really enjoy teaching, my heart has not been in it lately, which is not a good thing for an instructor. Most of it is due to the college's administration; the micro management, the pseudo psychology and the lack of caring. Some of it was due to dealing with students who just don't put in the time to get their tuition's worth. To the few that do make teaching a worthwhile experience, thank you for trying your best and giving me hope.

Since I do not work at the art center any more....the grapevine has it that my former boss will be quiting at the end of this term too. (hence the ship sinking) I am sure the department will be fine under the new department head's (name begins with a B) guidance since that person might care. Remember to pretend you don't know!

I am very excited about working in television and learning Lightwave, the software they use for 3D.
I'll be making the lower thirds, OTSs and BAMs. So if you are watching the 5, 6, or 10 o'clock news and something in the banner at the bottom , the over-the-shoulder or big-ass-monitor is spelled wrong or missing, it will probably be my fault! ;-)


SeanC said...

Im happy to hear you're back in the field Margot! Definitely inspiring!

We all comisserated today. All of us in DTLR were more than a little bummed to see you go but i would have done the same thing.

I just wanted to let you know that no other teacher has ever pushed me to produce the best results i can like you did. I appreciate all the time and effort you invested in us and i know Eric and Andrew feel the same.

Keep updatin the ol' blog and i will too. Id love for you to be able to critique some of my portfolio stuff when i get there in the fall!

Cant wait to see the NEWS now!

M. Dinardi said...

Thanks Sean, that is good to hear.
I just needed to work more than 10 hours a week! Kgun is really fun and challenging. I am learning alot about what goes into putting out a broadcast. People are really nice.

chatree said...

congratulation with your new job!!Cheers!

Gail Munden said...

I am glad you are happier. Unfortunately some sad students have lost an excellent teacher. You will always be a natural guide. You push me too. There is no paintout this Saturday but next at Picacho Pk. I have to deliver 3 paintings to the Forresters this Sat. The two on my blog and one other.

Crystal said...

Hey Margot,

When I called the bookstore this Saturday to see how everyone was doing, I heard what happened with you and the Animation Department. I was really shocked by the news, and sad that you were leaving. The Art Center is really losing a great instructor with you moving on, but you need to do what makes you happy.

Hopefully KGUN will be a better situation for you. A friend of mine from the Pima film department got a job there as an editor for the news, and he really loves it.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

MARGOT! I've made a conscious effort to avoid The Art Center, but I do wonder what you are up to all the time. I miss you, alot. There's no way I would have graduated if it wasn't for you, you defnitely were the "pusher." I'm not exactly doing animation (as of yet) but I'm working my way to that point. I'm sure you've heard of what I'm doing from Kirk or some other source, not animation Ha! I do have ideas though for an animation department here at work...speaking of which, I read about your new jobby job at KGUN9, Congrats...actually I was so shocked after hearing of what was going on that I had to turn and say something to the closest person...which was my manager and he said "How much are they paying her" and I started laughing, and he said "no serious" yeah if you were ever interested in coming this way, there's an open door :-D I heard from a friend that John Wellbeloved (I believe he works at KGUN9 as well) was also interested of moving this way. So if you're interested my email address is Well, enough rambling, I wish you happiness in all your endevours and I miss you ma'am!

Angela (the angry) Vawser

Rev. Leo said...

I have found you!! I am glad you are doing what you love. I was a little sad when I found out you left. You actually Any who good luck I wish you the very best.