Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of April 2010

Been working at things. Taking a grad class in "the clothed figure" takes alot of time every week.
Teaching a drawing class so have been exploring sketchbooks of other artists.
But first, the lastest...
Beautiful spring this year, tons of flowers but here in Arizona there can be thousands of tiny flowers that just do not photograph. Hard to capture the abundance in a painting. This is in Catalina state park, up the Sutherland trail.
Went hiking up a field of purple flowers before the poppies had opened up. Gail stepped right next to this guy.
So this is titled: rattle snake meadow.
This is the saddle off a slot canyon looking out towards Marana. Edited out the sub divisions.
A rare afternoon painting session. So dang hot and buggy! This is a short hike up a steep trail..the Iris O Dewhurst at the top of 1st ave. That is down town with "A" mountain to the right.
In order to get a stamp on my 10 stamps = free art supplies card, I had to buy something and they keep these 2 inch canvases next tot the cash register.And what post would be complete with out the puppies! Delilah on top, Tabitha on left. both 8 months old and ears still not standing up so they are taped. Daddy Rufus is at base. Mom is not part of their wrestling and is sleeping on other sofa.