Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summer season over, moving out doors.

Summer in Tucson means staying indoors. The fall however, is the season of events and grass.
We mow lawns in the winter! It is also the time of snowbirds and college students resulting in at least 3 or 4 major events each weekend. Have not been goofing off, just have to do tasks in batches for efficiency.
Here is a painting dump:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not dead just working hard and taking classes

Have had hacienda fever for last few weeks. It is like cabin fever in the northern winter, only it is in the summer in the desert southwest. Just want to be out doors and comfortably. Meanwhile painting inside.

This is from the beginning of summer, those are hazard stripes with Little Debbie cakes.

This cupcake is hazard free. In my Sculpture for Animation class we do these little houses from start to finish in 4 hours to learn the entire process.

Here is the yorkie family on the couch. They have hacienda fever too.
Tabbers on left, Psillie on right, Mi Ru on couch and Liler on pillow.
(Tabitha, Priscilla, Mister Rufus, Delilah)

Miss Delilah is very photogenic and poses for the camera unlike her relatives.
Couple stray hairs left over from a grueling haircut.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of April 2010

Been working at things. Taking a grad class in "the clothed figure" takes alot of time every week.
Teaching a drawing class so have been exploring sketchbooks of other artists.
But first, the lastest...
Beautiful spring this year, tons of flowers but here in Arizona there can be thousands of tiny flowers that just do not photograph. Hard to capture the abundance in a painting. This is in Catalina state park, up the Sutherland trail.
Went hiking up a field of purple flowers before the poppies had opened up. Gail stepped right next to this guy.
So this is titled: rattle snake meadow.
This is the saddle off a slot canyon looking out towards Marana. Edited out the sub divisions.
A rare afternoon painting session. So dang hot and buggy! This is a short hike up a steep trail..the Iris O Dewhurst at the top of 1st ave. That is down town with "A" mountain to the right.
In order to get a stamp on my 10 stamps = free art supplies card, I had to buy something and they keep these 2 inch canvases next tot the cash register.And what post would be complete with out the puppies! Delilah on top, Tabitha on left. both 8 months old and ears still not standing up so they are taped. Daddy Rufus is at base. Mom is not part of their wrestling and is sleeping on other sofa.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's day events

Happy St. Patrick's day.
Gail took a good pic of me on one of our painting excursions:
After a 7AM mammogram and thyroid ultrascan, I hopped on the freeway down to Green Valley, a retirement community where they have a thrift shop. I saw this Singer Spartan on craig's list the night before. I arrived 10 minutes after the store opened and nabbed it! 95$!
A ganga as they say here in Tucson. I like the shape of the green button-holer case!

The obligatory puppy pic, hard to get all four in one image.

And the latest paintings... been raining here (sort of rare). This is honeybee's entrance with a little trickle of water.
A view from a river walk that Gail rides her bike on. Thought this looked like an Italian villa.
This is Saguaro west, with green-ness every where. Who knew that desert could have a lawn!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For grad class: Honoré Daumier

Have to embed pics in my discussion post and did not get the pics darn web sites which were not functioning well anyway.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up Date.

We have had bouts of rain that turned into the snowaggedon for you folks on the east side of the Mississippi. In between were sparkling crisp days perfect for outdoor painting. Flowers were rain days. This is Pusche Ridge, a visual landmark at this end of the Catalina Mountain range.

Rainy day, bought some flowers and set up in dining room. Gail and Geri came over, we luxuriated with fresh coffee, pastries and flush toilets.

In an effort to find new views, we tracked down some eucalyptus trees being fed by the golf course sprinklers. It was apparently ladies days on the links.

Went to pick up Gail's and Geri's paintings at Sonora Desert Museum (one of the white specks in the distance). Gail won 2nd place!
This is Gates Pass, a sunset spot that we visited in the morning. This painting is 5 inches by 7 inches. (Did not pack well) Others are 8 x 10.
A rainy day spent at Gails.

Another rainy day spent at Gails.

This is Delilah. She weighs 5 pounds, more hair than anything. Almost ready to cut off her puppy black. She has a spunky personality, attacks Rufus and Tabitha as they come in from outside. See the mischief in her eyes?