Monday, November 19, 2007


Walnut, hazel and pecan.
Bought these nuts before halloween, they keep. Walnuts are fun to paint, the hazelnut so simple it was difficult and the pecan required alzirian crimson which is rather transparent but dryed well. There were two sets of shadows which I thought were interesting. The blue is from the shoe box I set them on to get them closer to me.

This is Priscilla taking out her favorite toy which is a decapitated lime green teddy bear sans stuffing. She sticks her nose in the neck opening, where it gets stuck and can look pretty funny.
Below: Happy Rufus running.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Purple flower & the Yorkies

So it took three weeks to get around to finishing this one. Did not do much to the flower itself as it is now a dried up flower. Did choose a non-existent blue/green for background, still life is set up on cardboard.
Priscilla looking like a stuffed toy.

Rufus being a sweetie.
The next two are for contrast, after hours of chasing and tumbling, they do get tired.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Catalina State Park

TPAPS and OPA had a joint paint-out at Catalina State Park on Saturday.
This is my result..It's alright, nothing glaring wrong.
The Saguaros cactus are not cigar-o-s.
There is a bank of shrubs casting shadows on the left that I painted a tree over..opps!
Here is the setting for reference. You have to paint the shadows at the time and then let it go; they are going to be different by the time you finish the painting.

Here is handsome Rufus!

Here is silly Priscilla!

Here is the two of them acting like a married couple!
(She started it.)