Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poopee Pics

Here are two remaining poopees.
This is Delilah, she was the runt but grew faster than two siblings within weeks of birth.
Delilah means weak or poor.

Tabitha was the largest of the litter and still is, in fact almost as big as mom already!
She has long legs like her daddy. Tabitha means gazelle.

No I did not miss spell poopees, that is what they are.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japan, Tokyo

6 weeks ago, went to Japan with husband's family.
Had a great time, neat culture and great shopping.
Here are a few images from the 175 I had printed, of the 524 pictures I took.
It is a vertical place.
I tried on a kimono that matched my converse shoes.

Lots of school children in uniforms visiting shrines.
Sushi on a conveyor belt! you pay by the # and color of dishes.

Breakfast on fish market day. Alley in distant doorway.

Fish market at 5 AM! 200 pound tunas auctioned off.

This is how you get o Mt Fuji, floating over sulphur vents.

Below Mt Fuji, which was behind clouds that day, is a boat ride to the other side of the lake.


Recent paintings. First two are 5X7, 30 minute studies. One of a tree that collects debris in wash and the other of Gail in her white painting outfit.

This is a slot canyon in Saguaro West National Park

Out in Catalina, is Golden Ranch Road. his is a horse trail beside the wash.

Pepper Sauce campground in Oracle, down a canyon with trees.

Honey Bee canyon past the crawl-in bridge.

Sabino Canyon, A mule deer came to visit so I painted her in. Then took video of her!
That is dirt on the upper left edge, will brush off when paint has dried.

Mule deer