Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japan, Tokyo

6 weeks ago, went to Japan with husband's family.
Had a great time, neat culture and great shopping.
Here are a few images from the 175 I had printed, of the 524 pictures I took.
It is a vertical place.
I tried on a kimono that matched my converse shoes.

Lots of school children in uniforms visiting shrines.
Sushi on a conveyor belt! you pay by the # and color of dishes.

Breakfast on fish market day. Alley in distant doorway.

Fish market at 5 AM! 200 pound tunas auctioned off.

This is how you get o Mt Fuji, floating over sulphur vents.

Below Mt Fuji, which was behind clouds that day, is a boat ride to the other side of the lake.

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Audrey said...

You are rockin' the kimono! One of my recent Netflix movies "Cherry Blossems" was about a couple staying at a hotel on the lake waiting for Mt. Fuji to come out from underneath the clouds. It was neat to see the same place in your pictures.