Monday, May 7, 2007

Anger, Take Two...

Postcard "back"
Postcard Front Poster

Here is a concept I have been working on for a sermon series.

The images have been adjusted for display on the blog, the originals will be printed.

Design is open to adjustments and changes, this is the first draft.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

IF: Remember

Have you ever been transported back a few decades to a specific place by a smell or the quality of light? The smell of a grade school disenfectant, crayons, old wood...BAM I'm back in kindergarten in a split second. AZ's creosote bushes in the rain is just as powerful.

So the new job is making me lazy. First I have not participated in a while. Second, this is a composite of 4 pilfered images with a photoshop brush filter applied. The chick I drew. Found a site: that provided a skinned image that inspired me. Skinned as in- no flesh, all muscles and tendons depicted; sorta takes the lust element out of it. Site has a 30 second pose feature that limbers up the ole hand/eye coordination.