Monday, May 7, 2007

Anger, Take Two...

Postcard "back"
Postcard Front Poster

Here is a concept I have been working on for a sermon series.

The images have been adjusted for display on the blog, the originals will be printed.

Design is open to adjustments and changes, this is the first draft.


SeanC said...

Very nice Margot. I like the colors used in this, very calm feeling.

My only suggestion would be to blur the cast shadows of the words a bit. The shadows in the photo are quite soft so maybe the shadows of the words should match that a little.

Looks good though!

Gary said...

Nice work Margot... I agree, nice calming colors... and I second the blurring of the cast shadows a bit for the softness of the pieces.

I'll get back to posting soon... haha... and such other things...

talk to ya later.

Have a good one!