Friday, August 22, 2008

AC painting

Another hot day in Tucson, another bunch of flowers inside.
A smaller canvas and 6 hours.
The theme was white and I must have gone through half a tube!
Sorry no comments so no pup pics.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Air Conditioned Sunshine

Sunny sunflowers in air conditioned comfort of home. Gail came over and we painted inside.
I decided to go big (for a plein air painter) this is 18 x 24 inches! So I painted small flowers on a large canvas!
Here are the puppies also enjoying the AC. They don't even stay outside for too long!
Making a list of paintings for the Ventana Medical Systems Show next week, 18 good enough to show from 4 years of painting. Presenting at Art Institute of Tucson's open house tomorrow.
Check out Empty Easel link to right for tutorials I wrote on using GIMP to edit your photos!
Grading to be done!