Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up Date.

We have had bouts of rain that turned into the snowaggedon for you folks on the east side of the Mississippi. In between were sparkling crisp days perfect for outdoor painting. Flowers were rain days. This is Pusche Ridge, a visual landmark at this end of the Catalina Mountain range.

Rainy day, bought some flowers and set up in dining room. Gail and Geri came over, we luxuriated with fresh coffee, pastries and flush toilets.

In an effort to find new views, we tracked down some eucalyptus trees being fed by the golf course sprinklers. It was apparently ladies days on the links.

Went to pick up Gail's and Geri's paintings at Sonora Desert Museum (one of the white specks in the distance). Gail won 2nd place!
This is Gates Pass, a sunset spot that we visited in the morning. This painting is 5 inches by 7 inches. (Did not pack well) Others are 8 x 10.
A rainy day spent at Gails.

Another rainy day spent at Gails.

This is Delilah. She weighs 5 pounds, more hair than anything. Almost ready to cut off her puppy black. She has a spunky personality, attacks Rufus and Tabitha as they come in from outside. See the mischief in her eyes?

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