Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not dead just working hard and taking classes

Have had hacienda fever for last few weeks. It is like cabin fever in the northern winter, only it is in the summer in the desert southwest. Just want to be out doors and comfortably. Meanwhile painting inside.

This is from the beginning of summer, those are hazard stripes with Little Debbie cakes.

This cupcake is hazard free. In my Sculpture for Animation class we do these little houses from start to finish in 4 hours to learn the entire process.

Here is the yorkie family on the couch. They have hacienda fever too.
Tabbers on left, Psillie on right, Mi Ru on couch and Liler on pillow.
(Tabitha, Priscilla, Mister Rufus, Delilah)

Miss Delilah is very photogenic and poses for the camera unlike her relatives.
Couple stray hairs left over from a grueling haircut.

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Audrey said...

Fall is coming, Yeah! Enough of this hot summer! Did you eat the little Debbie Cakes after you painted them?