Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mule Deer

Went to Sabino Canyon to paint this morning. A mule deer went bounding by, then stopped seeing the plein air demonstration ahead.
On her way back I got these pics.

Click on pic to get larger version; love my Cannon Rebel.
She was pretty far away from me, I was zoomed in and I cropped the image so you could find her.

Also saw a snake but his head is in the cactus so not real impressive.

See the dust from her feet?

My easel had an umbrella on it for shade, wind gusted by and took the whole thing down. The pastel dust was evenly distributed across the image losing any detail I had. >:-[

1 comment:

Desert Broom said...

Hi Margot
I love these pics of the mule deer
Thank you for posting them
I hope next time you do get good pic of snake, I want to see it
I am glad you posted pic of your easel and umbrella
It is so much fun to see the artist's work area
A photo of you painting would have been a treat too
Also it was nice in easel pic, to get to see the area of Sabino Canyon
it sure is pretty there
Love, Anne