Sunday, March 11, 2007

More time on Rose

120 minutes
Found the pen was not working with me.
Changed the buttons at the top of the pad to be [ and ] which make the brush smaller and bigger.
Then changed the lower clicker on the pen to X which switches the foreground color with the background color. Helped me alot.
Erased to define edges, zoomed into the bud and defined that.
Cohesified (?) the over all image, blurred the leaves and saved-as.

Not sure how much more time.
Ready to try something new.


Crystal said...

It looks beautiful! Thanks for posting what you did with the pen. I think I'm going to try those settings and make my painting a little easier.

chatree said...

nice job. i love the colors. yah my advice to all of us is to try and used all the tools just so you ll know what does what. keep it up. :P

Gary said...

Very good, I like it... Keep it up...
Can't wait to see more.