Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Day In The Desert

Went painting this morning in Sugauro West.
Got a bad case of "what's over the next hill?-itis"
Woke up a bunch of javalina. Scared me more than the bob cat did!
They are sorta dumb and might have run at me.
Have heard they have germy tusks you don't want to get poked with.
The first few got away but I climbed a rock above where they came from and got a few pics with the Rebel. Here is the good one.
Also; our hawk on the flag pole.


Gary said...

Hi Margot, going over that next hill made for a interesting day, the pics are really nice, especially the shot of your work area. It looks like fun.

chatree said...

Hows your new job? haven't seen any new post in a while, I guess you ve been pretty busy :) I just thought i come by and say hi and hope you have a wonderful week. take care.