Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Been busy!

How could it be so long between posts? Summer came and went, did not get much swimming in. Brought out the blanket last night so plein air painting season has officially started. This is the last of the summer inside still lives. There was a vase a flowers there but it did not make it in the picture!
Tried painting in 95 degrees, stuck it out until the sun came over the ramada I was sitting under.
This is San Pedro chapel in the Old Fort Lowell Historical Neighborhood. My favorite part is the American flag.

Tried again, 90 degrees. Was toasty by the time we set up at 9AM so we agreed to be speedy.
Was home by 11:30 as the temp crept towards 100.
This is me sweating it out. Got a new painting equipment. That is the lightweight aluminium easel.
The black bag is lightweight too and takes up an acre when opened up.

Classes started at the Art Institute of Tucson. This is the project from the first day of sculpture for animation, an exercise to learn the materials and process. We made a storybook dwelling in 4 hours from concept to paint. I taught by example. Base is 3 inches wide, whole thing fit in the toaster oven.

And here are the Yorkies! Priscilla standing and Rufus laying down. They are not jumping in the pool to cool off any more, but still prefer it for drinking.

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