Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall In The Old Pueblo

Have been going to some gallery shows. Maynard Dixon at the Museum of Art. Other artists say my work looks like his so had to see what they were talking about. It is a compliment. He used a similar palette, more realistic, less romanticised. No yellow bushes with purple shadows. You just do not see that in the desert! Also very graphic shapes, which I use also.
Went to the Temple of Art Gallery to see Jim Waid's work, a contemporary, abstract artist that always has a 3D quality. Gail and I sat on a park bench on the upper porch at the temple and did quick 5 inch by 5 inch studies of the clouds. Planes were bringing tourists from the cold states.
The artist Jim Waid also has a show at Pima Community College, so we saw the city from that vantage point and went up to "A " mountain to catch the view. This is the road that winds around the hill. Painting is 5 X 7 inches.

The next week after google mapping the area, we found the right spot to paint the distant city.
I did not want to be so close to be tempted to paint every window and frustrate myself. This viewpoint is from a home site of a development that has not sold the sites at the end of a
cul-de-sac. Eventually there will be a luxury house were I sat. There was a nice morning haze that lifted as the morning proceeded. This painting is 9 X 12 inches.
In the "Sculpture for Animation" class, we did presidential busts, this is my Abe Lincoln caricature. He is about 8 inches tall.

Here is Priscilla, exhausted after a hair cut. She has fine thick hair and a impatient disposition. Rufus wants the attention and sticks his nose under the scissors just as you are about to cut her hair. He did not need a hair cut, but he lays there half asleep in bliss, so he receives excellent trims. Priscilla always ends up ragged.

I took pictures of Abe with my "old" Sony and found this puppy picture of Rufus on it!
His ears are not standing up yet!

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Crystal said...

Hi Margot! I love the Abe Lincoln bust. Wish I could have gotten to do some sculpture in my animation classes.