Friday, September 5, 2008

Third flower painting in air conditioning

Everything's peachy! Somehow all the greens and peaches worked. These larger paintings are taking 6 hours or more. This one is about 18 X 14 inches. Looking forward to the new plein air season. Got a new easel and bag shedding at least 15 pounds. Better to roam with. Also ordered more paint as I did not want to break up the stealth box every week. So I am ready to go, just waiting for the temprature to drop a dozen degrees or so. Still in the hundreds here.

The pups are loving the grasshopper population explosion.
How to plant a yorkie-girl:


Sylvia Jenstad said...

What a beautiful inviting painting... really cool

Crystal said...

Hey Margot!

I was trying to lookup Magpie and found that there's a license fee. Do you know if there's a free version circulation around aside from the trial version?

Athankyah :D