Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miss Priscilla Arrives!

We bought Rufus an expensive toy.
Here she is! That pink thing on the left side is a thumb.

Rufus is 8 months old now and Priscilla will be 9 weeks tomorrow!
Breeder said she will get to 6 lbs, Rufus is 7 lbs now but a string bean.
Somehow I suspect living in the Dinardi household they will both be pleasantly plump in no time.

Rufus is a bit miffed. Claudia came over and he went berserk, like we ignore him.
Priscilla hadn't been in the house a full 24 hours yet.
Who needs children with babies like these?


Your sister Sue said...

Great pictures of the new addition to your family! I was going to suggest you come for Thanksgiving and bring Rufus, but now traveling with two 'kids' might be a bit much.

Anonymous said...

Hola she is so cute!!!!!!!they look amazing together, poor Rufus, he probably was not expecting this hehehe...i'm sure he is going to be fine later. congrats, you guys look great


Gary said...

Awwwww, so gosh darn cute lil puppies ya got there... congrats on the new addition to your family.

d2sn said...

your new addition is adorable! Poor Rufus didn't get to be 'top dog' for long... he now has competition! how fun! Can't wait to meet her Thursday!

Crystal said...

*squeal* Too cute! They're so small and teensy. Does the breed shed at all, or does the hair pretty much stay in place?