Monday, October 1, 2007

Honeybee Canyon Salt N pepper

Sunday night painting of Salt and Pepper shakers. The canvas is 4 X 4 inches.

Below is Honeybee canyon, was overcast this morning so light did not change and it was a comfortable temperature. Sat on a rock on the side of a cliff to see this view. I like the focal point of the tree on the edge and the path leading up to it. But I got lazy on the right hand side rocks. I may go back in to develop those. In person it is an overwhelming mass of cracks.

And Rufus the Yorkie! He sleeps!


Sister Sue said...

Rufus is so photogenic! I like your paintings of course, but I always scroll to bottom to see his pictures. He has that look like - I know I'm cute - just take my picture already.

Anonymous said...

Rufus!!!!! i was thinking, where is his painting??? is time for a Rufus painting.