Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Honey Bee Painting

After the colorless one last week, I did not put brown on the palette and had to make it myself.
I wish there were more than 8 colors. This one did turn out more vivid. 8 inches x 10 inches.
Very windy day, 30 and 40 mph gusts, so we went under the bridge and up the slot canyon.
Just around the bend from the first painting of the season (horizontal painting way below).
A few times I had to hang on to the umbrella but I was looking into the sun so I was glad I had it with me. Beautiful day to be out upsetting the birds.
Mister Rufus! He is looking for Priscilla whom he is fascinated with. They play well together. He can overwhelm her with his speed, size and tenacity but she gives him what-for and provokes him by biting his nose.

After a good bout of growling at Rufus, Priscilla is pooped.

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Your sister Sue said...

Will Priscilla's ears pop up like Rufus' when she gets older?