Thursday, March 12, 2009

Painting 09

Top painting most recent, this morning in fact! Unique to find a big chunk of color like this fushia flower bush in the dessert so had to focus on it. Totally changed my palette. Early morning blue mountains with sun kisses.

My birthday. A slot canyon that the entrance had been filled with sand one monsoon season was suddenly dug out after 3 years! This is my favorite spot in all of Honey Bee canyon; quite a gift!

Had not painted in 3 months, painfully akward to get your groove back.
These are items from Gail's mother's house.


Audrey said...

Nice to see you are painting again. I am not getting any responses to my emails sent to your new email address so was wondering what you were up to.

God Stop said...

I love what you did with your Jars. It gets long and it gets harder and harder to get started again.

Gary James said...

I looked for a place to drop you a note on your blog page and did not see one so I am leaving a comment here. First let me say I like your paintings, I have little artistic talent so I admire artists who can do what you do with the media. The reason why I wanted to comment here is to thank you for the excellent tutoring in EmptyEasel in regards to Layer Modes for Gimp. I have a group called The Gimp Group in a social network and have linked to your tutorials. You spoke in plain English, I really appreciate that. I will checking out your other Gimp articles soon.
Thanks again,

Max Ward said...

Cool! Teach me to paint!