Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Old Wallet

The switch to working Mon - Fri gave me the day after Labor Day off.
I cleaned my room like I had been meaning to all summer when I started a full time job.
Found my old wallets while cleaning. Girls do not throw out their old wallets, I had two red ones and this one had the hinged change area. So it is not a statement about being broke and having an empty wallet although my Ball & Chain suggested I put it over my check book as inspiration.
Spent about 4 hours total over the day (had to stop for a nap). Panel is 8 X 10. Used water mixable oils and a limited palette. Warm and cool of each primary, black and white. Trying to get in gear for the upcoming plein air season. The water mixable oils act a little differently than the Alkyds I use. I needed soft brushes to blend and not leave bristle marks. A clean brush blends wonderfully and a little dampness would "revive" an area.
Wish I had moved the subject up a little and had just the panels behind it for compositional horizon lines but now I know. Was in such a hurry to DO IT!

Joy is a puppy on your lap while you paint! Here is a Rufus Pic!

1 comment:

SeanC said...

Now thats a nice painting! Love the scratches on the lower left flap of the wallet and the colored shadow. Good range of tones as well.

Not much to pick apart. Only thing i can think of is maybe the slightest indication of shadow under the left flap of the wallet somewhere. Doesnt have to be alot, just enough to know its not floating. Maybe where the cloth its sitting on creases.

Looks great margot!