Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grisaille painting

Did this painting on 3 lunch hours (back in 2004!) using ivory black and titanium white with water mixable oils. Glazed the color at home when it was done and dry. All are 6 by 4 inches.

This was my attempt at going commercial; creating a series for print. Topic: comfort food. To be sold to coffee shops and restaurants. The subjects and imagery are straight from my imagination, no still life or reference. I just made it up. The Cup N Spoon is the finished grisaille. The other two are not finished.


SeanC said...

Very Nice! Happy to see a new post. No reference, wow!

THe colors in the top piece are vibrant and bold and the objects really jump off the page. The only things i can see to pick on in any of the images is the shadows of the colored vegetables. One is so much lighter than the other two but im not sure why.

Other than that these are great.

PS> Are you plaiing on adding any kind of wash or color over top of the comfort food images? Might look nice.

Good Stuff!

M. Dinardi said...

If I remember correctly, I think the red pepper was not resting on the counter and light shone underneath. Took a photo for reference for that image. My goal was to paint as realistically as possible and try the grisaille technique. It turned out to be easy/quick to paint the greyscale underpainting and not worry about colors. The color is added after the underpainting drys in a series of glazes which also goes easily since the tonal values are in the underpainting!
So the food series will get color glazes when I finish the other two.
The trick is to decide what colors are the upcoming season's trend. I will have to look at Target Ads and fashion mags to predict that!

chatree said...

very nice work, I especially love the one on the top. very nice colors.

lol, sorry, im very slow when it comes to following instruction in writing, more of a visual learner.I guess i m more affraid of messing it up more then anything. I will try it though.

your forms are beautiful on those gray scales.

thank you, and keep up the good work.

chatree said...

ps, when ever i paint in colors and convert it into gray scales i noticed that my forms blows. and i think i m color blinds or something, could never get the colors i want. lol.